Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Starting the Season - June 6, 2011

As school ends with final exams given, I begin to look forward to sunshine, a blueberry harvest and time out of doors! I'm sure everyone is looking forward to sunshine with the recent rainy season that we've been through.

Several people have called the house asking if we would have a crop this year. Luckily, the record snow of 24 inches didn't hurt the berries at all. The record levels of rain we've gotten seem to have only increased the size of the berries. They're looking big, of good size and the Blueray variety are beginning to look fairly blue.

Our red raspberries just began to ripen this last weekend and I've picked about a gallon of raspberries and made raspberry bread, raspberry pie and a raspberry crisp is on my agenda for the evening. However, perhaps you're only interested in blueberries. (Raspberries are $2.50 per pint for pick your own).

We expect the blueberries to begin to ripen with the onset of sunshine. If the sun comes out to stay, we may be open by Monday, June 6th. It really depends on good days of sunshine to make them blue and sweet.

We're keeping the same prices we had last year of $12.00 per gallon - Pick Your Own and $16.00 per gallon pre-picked blueberries. See you soon!

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