Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring Has Sprung!

Well, we can tell with the recent spring rainfall that our blueberries are plumping up and seeming really happy for all the water.  

The Blueray variety of blueberries in this picture to the left even seems to have an underlying blue hue today as the sun comes out to declare that it's springtime and that summer is on the way!

The berries have almost finished with their blooms; there are a few late blooms out there, but most have turned from bloom into little green berries with the leading berries getting bigger.

It seems to look like a normal season with our first ripe blueberries (Duke) ripening the first week of June and then the other varieties following it through June and into the first week of July.

We really were slammed with rain this last weekend, getting almost 5 inches of rain Friday night and into Saturday morning.  Les drove down to the valley several times to see if his hay barn was under water.  Thankfully it didn't quite get high enough to put the hay underwater.  You can see a good picture of his finger in the bottom left of the picture.

The bumblebees and honey bees have been busy out in the field.  As I snapped pictures in the field, the bees were almost bumping into me.  We're looking forward to seeing a good crop come to harvest!

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