Friday, June 12, 2015

Nibbling the Natchez

My great niece, Grace, came out to pick berries last Monday and found that her favorite berry was ripe.  I think she stuffed 20 blackberries in her mouth while her mom and dad were picking blueberries.

We just planted these two years ago and they're great tasting berries!  You can tell by the picture that they're about 2 inches long.  Not only are they big and quick to file a bucket with, they're also sweet!

I'm hoping that Grace didn't have a belly-ache after she left that evening.  Her hands were purple and her face had smears of blackberry juice on it.  If you come out to the farm, you will have to come ready to get some blackberry juice on your hands.

This variety is only up the hill by the house, so if you're looking for the Natchez, head on up and ask about the blackberries.

See you soon!  (Open Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday for the upcoming week)

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